July 3, 2013 : Dian Gomes and Paper Selling Girl

Day begin with a delight. Crickinfo news indeed was a trilling cracker to the morning.  SL conquered mighty Indians comprehensively last night. That lad Tharanga finally delivers harvest. Revitalizing his entrants with an unbeaten century. It was a performance under pressure, scored elegant 179 runs in just 159 balls. Well done putha! .  My artist ‘Mahela Jayawardhana made an illusion of a rainbow on Sabeena Park with a fluent century. Superman ‘Angi’ punched around like ‘Anuruddha Rathnayaka’ ruling his heated moves at Pannala boxing complex.  Outcome was a mammoth total 348 runs for one wicket. But SL fans know how they feel against India, it is no better than broken fiancée carefully whispering eyes over charming beauty of his ex-girlfriend. It’s said they pirated our glory in WC2011, CT13 and returned endless gray hangover mornings. When you lose nobody knows cricket next day morning.  Just like you suddenly saw your ex-girlfriends pretty picture on Facebook with a nasty guy looks wealthier than you. Still you can’t hate her or love her. Luckily that big boy’s lineup failed miserably as every other Sri Lankan muttering ‘Vas Kavi’ last night. Ultimately Machan restaurant Facebook Vas Kavi campaign works. For sure Vas Kaviya with Old reserved arrack is a killer combination.  I see ‘Kolli Kuttu” in my breakfast plate. Kolli’s first captain outing was disarray.  Wow … sunshine in the morning with a smell of Kolli Kuttu. It’s a good morning boys!

Had spent some time watching morning show ‘Rise & Shine’ with an ever green business inspiration ‘Dian Gomes’ on the show.  When pretty lady asked the secret behind his success he said “I recruit people better than me, only I had to instigate these brilliant individuals”. He is such a great visionary and practical person. I deeply enjoyed his arrogant approach and firm believe on Sri Lankans ‘Can Do’ approach. My man for the day.

As usual dropped my Amma to the school and run to see my iron lady ‘Train’. She looks horrible, yet love story looks better than twilight.  The girl sitting front to me checking her charisma over a little mirror embodied to her pouch. I gave a smile to the poor lad sitting next to her. He looks worried.

Get down at Kollpitiya. On my way I couldn’t resist the innocent look of some girl selling newspapers to passengers. My eyes curious towards her for a few minutes. She seems nobody’s child.   Who gave a chance to her?  I saw many people push each other around lottery seller, just few meters away. Everyone seeking fortune. All they search for effortless money, while this lady making a strong statement of making constant effort to live reality. I don’t understand why men always get best chance. May be her husband or boyfriend gambling around a lottery board few kilometers away, while this lady believes to live hard reality of life. If she is a virgin for sale, men would spend heap of hard earned money just for few hours’ blind pleasure. I know they don’t mind origin of money as long as spend for alcohol or pleasure. How many women rigorously crying as housemaids right now just few thousand kilometers away from this vast calm Indian Ocean. Truth is bitter but fake is sweet. I bought a paper from her. She got a smile on her face and sweetly said “thank you ayye”.  I see a Dian Gomes in her. She believes her.   My woman of the day.

Fortune is a roadrunner. The longer you run, longer it stays with you. I want to run again just like when I was doing my bachelor’s degree while working full time.  Too many things in mind to write. but I want to  catch up some sleep. I love my bed. She looks anxious to hug me. Let’s catch up tomorrow with second day of journal.


7 thoughts on “July 3, 2013 : Dian Gomes and Paper Selling Girl

  1. Dear Buddi,
    What lovely insights and wicked sense of humour you have! I have so enjoyed reading this! I have also sent you an email with more comments … but for here let me say it again … great and wonderful start … I cant wait to read more about your daily learning and insights! Awesome!!! Mihirini

  2. abtharan says:

    Thank you Mihirini for your lovely feedback. That is special to me.

  3. Ranidu Gunarathna says:

    Good stuff, Great style… Keep it up bro..

  4. Anonymous says:

    ha ha finally a true story from you bro…..:P

  5. shaner says:

    Life is a roadrunner 🙂 keep it up 😀

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