July 4, 2013: Don’t mess up with rice & curry

Eluded temptation for rice and curry characteristic classic Sri Lankan. I had inherited my father’s love for rice and curry during my childhood. His passionate & curious first look on dinner table still feel like yesterday. Days had gone fast. I was a baby few decades ago. When I grow up worshiping cricket idols during nineties and being a bathroom vocalist for “Bathiya –Santhush” in millennium, my absinthe to Rice & Curry seems overshadowed, shattered by anomalies rise with fast food stores. But being tasted classic ingredients like pepper and chili powder, my affection to rolling with “Victor Rathnayaka and Gunadasa Kapuge” remain steady. I rediscovered my passion for Rice & Curry few years after my school.  Even though BNS were relatively good rebels, most often they deviate classic Sri Lankan taste like you still prefer old arrack. Many rebels were aspired to change complexion of music orientation. I felt pepper and chili powder lacks real competitive entrants.  It’s a stupid expectation to crack current regime or dogma by introducing array of discolored stuff. What’s hilarious is when you see modern rebel’s darling to “Rice & Curry”, it’s a secret just like most fathers believe their daughters are virgins on their wedding day.

I started growing adoration to “Kiribath-Milk Rice”. As my father urged to have my own classic. During first decade of millennium. I found enchanting fellow with a romantic voice “Kasun Kalhara”. Fellow would not sing for anybody unless perks are ready in cash or remitted his account. When he starts vocal, it’s like Kiribath. I know one day my son would embrace “kiribath”, like an honorable minister coming to our breakfast. The brother of same rice family with a complete new taste. It said some portion of rice privilege to receive VIP dose of coconut milk.  Childhood I saw Amma carrying a well-made rice bowl with an extra care and Thaththa carrying spicy Chicken Curry to the table. I place “kiribath”. It’s a perfect dish for breakfast and perfect family gathering. Life becomes perfect with Rice, Curry and Kiribath.1341581341Kasun_kalhara2

Today I missed my breakfast prepared by amma.

a. It’s a bad feeling. Its same feeling as you suddenly decide not to fallen love again.

As I praised life is woven around two things; rice & curry just like having your life & love. You can’t taste rice without curry. Ironically missing your curry packet is not a big deal unless you fed up food by your wife /amma or does not eat home cooked food. Once you taste curry in somewhere else you feel love of your wife or amma.

Putha ! “Life is not run by money in your veins, something beyond it, that cannot touch or grab by force”. My father never said but I knew he wanted. For many years I was struggling to realize his famous quote “Don’t mess up with rice & curry. You will die hungry”. My wisdom comes just after he passed away. Every day morning curry bowl remind me his words.

I wish Chicken Curry taste same as when thatha sitting next to me.

Probably no writings until Monday due to annual trip to Deer Park, Polonaruwa. Hopefully catch up with more on Monday. See you guys! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “July 4, 2013: Don’t mess up with rice & curry

  1. Lahiruni says:

    ”rice & curry just like having your life & love. You can’t taste rice without curry,being a bathroom vocalist for “Bathiya –Santhush,I know one day my son would embrace “kiribath”, like an honorable minister coming to our breakfast” He he my favorite quotes from ur blog..waiting to catch ur day to day thoughts and activities..(gossips) well done .interesting… 😛

  2. shaner says:

    Good post bro lovely inside 😉 enjoyed reading ur stuff

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