July 8 2013: Deer Park Girithale

Last weekend I was at Deer Park, Polonaruwa with my fellow buddies.   The exotic location and friends made our stay memorable. We all enjoyed good time hanging out, wet safari, good food, good drinks, bit of dancing and probably the best was cycling along the Habarana road. We cycled almost eight kilometers just after heavy breakfast. Not exactly ideal expectation, but trilled to have refreshing moments along the bank of Giritale tank.

For me cycling would definitely match breakfast desert, Curd mix with Honey and “Jambu”. Trust me folks weird combinations do work, big yes for this time J just try out. All you need is Jambu , Honey and Curd.

580230_601853746515315_1691606308_n 972207_601852809848742_1841270232_n

Every inch was a decent workout for Pradeep, Gehan and me. All three of us probably deviate required BMI. The other guy Anuja matches the best athlete title among the pack.  After one and half hours ride.  We had bit of basketball and volleyball. Believe guys we all played volleyball like never before: D

Memories 😀

  • Eating curd and jambu togather
  • Cycling along the Habarana Road
  • Sudden pee break 😛 on my way
  • Jump to the Hotel pool midnight 1.30 am
  • Having shower with a frog ( two frogs watch me bathing ).
  • Teasing elephants at Safari



One thought on “July 8 2013: Deer Park Girithale

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