July 12 2013: When life knocks you down roll over and look for the stars

Train strike resulted working from home for few days. Like everything else when one become poor ,  somebody else get  rich 🙂 . As Indians once again break our hearts in a final! I don’t want to talk about it; I don’t know cricket anymore.

I thought of putting up some of my views regards to “Kocchi Welawa”

The benefit of using public commuter train is not widely understood or accepted due to several reasons. Among many reasons I found trains are known for their late arrival and overcrowded nature; these exact facts creates negative pre- judgment for a considerable amount of commuters to refrain from using. However, subset of same society still accepts anomalies prevail in old legacy system and continue to use without any negative feedback. Ironically  never complaints about poor facilities prevail in Railway System often ignorant or blindly accepting everything. May be like everything else we all are just a part of much bigger defect. Complaints wont actually help.

I failed to understand the thinking behind this irrational approach for many years. In my childhood I never understood reason for young men and woman hold their hands and walking stupidly in empty beaches. When I asked my amma she told me they are playing butterfly game. When I asked can I do, she said I have to grow up to do that game.  It was completely adequate for a child.   But honestly I feel sections of our society not matured or ignorant just like a child to think beyond the picture. We are emotional not rational. We rarely calculate but  constantly feel emotions and driven as irrational s which compliant stupidity for any rational observer.

Despite off time nature, these rusty old iron ladies nurtured sinhalease language with one classical word as “Kocchi Welawa “. The classic Sri Lankan behavior deviating western dogma of being on time as punctuality.  This sinhalse category definitely enshrines train time. When you look at our day today life you would see even a most important event prefer “Kocchi welawa” dearly and happily. It’s difficult to think how adding one hour to actual time becomes a norm. Even difficult to understand if someone started work time it would have been called as alien conspiracy. Decade ago President Chandrika Bandaranayke  crowned as official queen of “kocchi Welawa” and she was such a charming component of our legacy adding political diplomacy to old tradition.  Even I was thought to acclaim  “kochchi welawa” for its  flexibility and considered as indigenous material of a Sri Lankan.

When you think a bit, it’s difficult to figure out disparity between our traditional value and actual social practice. During our “Awurudu Nakath” you see how a whole country celebrate life on time, everyone adhere common time to eat, cook and even to have a bath. But same people deflecting on time simply cannot understand or describe in usual analysis. This could only understood by  curiously look at your  horoscope . Its a bad matrimonial “rational and irrational thinking cant have a child”  is a valid  statement in term of Sri Lankan view point.



There is a famous English quote “When life knocks you down roll over and look for the stars”.  but we  Sri Lankans deflects, in our case  stars seems to knock  life down 😀 .

Just check your matrimonial before you ask girl for coffee.

Catch you guys on another day: D


4 thoughts on “July 12 2013: When life knocks you down roll over and look for the stars

  1. Koban Macol says:

    Its a nice post ; understand a classic Sri Lankan is horescopic sterotype 😀

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