July 31 2013 : Believing Worms

Sri Lankan boy would forget the day he met his girlfriend, but celebrate the day Murali took 800 wickets.

This is the story of Sri Lankans. The worms. The ones who bring old reserved arrack and Papare bands to celebrate the greatest day of our sports history.

Why not they celebrate the final day of rivalry between Ranathunga and Shane Warne. The Ranthunga drive whistling through hairline proximity to Shane Wane’s right ear was pleasant sight for generation of Sri Lankans. I remember my father said “bloody brilliant”. His eyes eluded with pride. In fact we all cherish these rare findings just like you found a tasty fish bun from local bakery in  your school days. It’s a taste you recall again and again.

It’s a country with full of lost talents. Unforgettable stories of how crispy geniuses die out in this dry soil. Someone shouting hard “finding a genius talent is rare as meeting punctual Sri Lankan”.


 I remember my father said “bloody brilliant”. His eyes eluded with pride. In fact we all cherish these rare findings just like you found a tasty fish bun from local bakery in  your school days. It’s a taste you recall again and again.

Despite all odds, once in a while our nation stands on feet for a delivery of an unsung bowler memorizing world number one batsman with a ripper. A ball pitching outside off stump and sharply turning towards stump.  In my life I saw dark ugly looking guy by the name of Ajantha ripping strong Indian line up by kind of delivery described by commentators as “Magic”. That magic once let whole nation to stand on feet.    The day to cherish beauty.  Absolutely staggering beauty, far striking than model magazine cover page blonde with tons of makeup.

We see beauty in 22 yard Cricket field. Sound of rattling stump is far more entertaining for us.  Sometimes you would listen that again and again, replay many times on YouTube. The things you refrain to do after marring your girlfriend.  The roar by several SL fans among fifty thousand white skinny lads sounds pleasing, it would be more appealing than  voice of the one you shared bed last night. Even both sounds pleasing, roar remains most.

Cricket is one reason to believe on Sri lankans can be world beaters.  May be we can add the booze the same roaring SL fans manage before or after the match to the same world class list. Anyway , nation lavish undying passion for sports, cherish genuine crispy moments that last like a common life event to everyone.

My friend had his wedding reception elegantly with number of politicians, models, cricketers, film actors, wealthy businessmen in a five star venue. He was extremely proud and happy. This guy used to praise his wedding reception all the time. He takes examples from his wedding and playing free consultancy role to other potential couples.  For me once exclusive photo album made public on face book his glamour becomes lost case. Within several days it will be erased from our mind.  How staggering that function was, how much booze had, cheeky dancing movies or tattoos found in someone else’s girlfriend become too old. However, the winning moment of sports keep hitting the romantic zone of true Sri Lankan to cherish again and again.  Unlike most, sports matters and remembered.

Quite miserably this paradise doesn’t know process to nurture crispy talents, everyone just wish genius talent appear from nowhere. But they all  believe genius worm still alive somewhere in this dry land.  Sometime everyone  feel down but they  knows these genius worms will become butterflies one day. This is the moment whole nation stand on their feet.  All other  worms want to see the butterfly. They all hope these beautiful creatures can change the way everyone think about worms and a nation.

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