August 9 2013 : The Mermaids

I was on the train looking at vast sea. The girl seated front is  pretty  when she tries to stop her hair moving  to wind rhythm coming from Indian Ocean.

That hair moves are cinematographic. That rhythmic wind probably took wings from Mumbai (Bollywood). Only explanation that suit classic Sri Lankan thinking without bothering  science to understand. Feel good to think that the same wind  swiping  Kareena Kapoor  came long way and hitting girl sitting front of me.

There was another girl sitting  next to her. Much younger than one looking into sea. Probably  a friend or might be a sister . Seems very busy  shuffling songs on her iPhone.  Her wardrobe , large t-shirt had a picture of “Justin Bieber “.  Skinny white lad without a top teasing boys.  Is he  homosexual ? Girls seems love him more than boys.

The one keep eye on ocean suddenly catches my eyes.  Her smile lighted my eyes….

Oh Boy dream is on.

If two  topless mermaids sitting front , what would you do ? You got to think twice isn’t it. Considering the context   both wearing top.  One with Justin Bieber teasing boys  and other with a frustrated lost puppy with “Embark”  t-shirt.

Doggy is a materiel for thinking.

Am I really a dog lover?

I had  memories back in my childhood around dogs. One such encounter gifted  21 vaccination marks around my belly. Isn’t it a memorable life event ?That nemesis doggy , grandfather called  “tommy”, lived close to his garage.  I knew  breed it belongs to, probably “wal” category. That  “wal balla”  bitten my left leg.

You can try make yourself  adorable to puppies . They might like you, may be it will hang few minutes around your feet or may be an hour . If doggy loving didn’t work out, I can can try “Embark” high price t-shirt . Pretend you love dogs. ( bit of marketing )

Being a young enthusiastic don’t wanna  give up even with a matrimonial mismatches if she has a horoscope. Wish I can be friendly with puppies? Tommy would have been an exception.  They say you can be anybody you want, can do anything . Yes, Give it a try “putha”.

Should I initiate a conversation ? Is it appropriate? Or will  this be yet another memorable life event like tommy ?

Even a bravest samurai would take few minutes to gather strength so i took few more seconds to speak. before I gather my strength heard a voice , not as lyrical as expected but sounds more like “rattakaju watti amma”.

“Ayyo , I told you sasindi trains are sucking , look  at to my hair”  the girl looking at sea  started her marvelous ratakaju voice .

Disparity between Metallica and sunflowers(local band) is equal to her smile and voice.

I was flattening like sipping arrack for past 12 hours.  I imagine a Illusion of a girl  wearing  no other than bikini  making her cat walk along while making a smile , which can stop traffic  ,if she speak it will trigger a car crash to nearest “cyberkade”.

Unlike her smile, voice is so irritating. The science behind her friend to get  busy with a  headset.

My mermaid forcefully remove one headset from her friend.

“Can’t you see how poor condition in this train, I told you not to take this“

The headset girl finally starts giggling. unlike her friend’s voice her giggling is lyrical.

“Don’t worry dear this is the  last time , next time sanoj will bring his car“

I was searching  headset in my bag and  realized this phone originally built to call not to listen to music.Will there be peace on earth if she continue to speak ? Is there a possibility of vaccination marks around my ear?

I look at the sea. I can see mermaid looking girl sitting on a rock near mount laviniya while some guy taking photos.

Putha just relax next station  you are out. Just don’t believe illusion of “Embark Girls ” or mermaids. Just give a fish bun to stray dog at least doggy  wag his tail and remember you forever.

Then I look at the girl again, her hair move rebelliously to the wind. Portrait just like a pirate curly bumps searching for cause to rebel. Is this wind coming  from Somalia where pirates lay  naked on top of a pirate vessel looking at Indian sea ?


One thought on “August 9 2013 : The Mermaids

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