Translation “Atha Atha Nara” Sinhala Novel -Chapter 1

 Atha Atha Nara- අත අත නැර” is a sinhala novel written by prominent novelist Sumithra Rahubadda about  two twin sisters “Manuri” and “Anuri” . The story charmingly and alarmingly revels unusual life of conjoin twins . Aspiration of two girls to live life like ordinary humans. The  obstacles of male dominance society towards woman ,Quest to find their father, how two girls find interest in dancing and find life though, fall in love  and inspires to be athletes and historians. This story touches your heart and mind to rethink again about woman and disability.

This is simple translation of  Sinhala novel “Atha Atha Nara” first chapter. One of my personal favorite novel. I do this for fun. your comments are welcome.  

Chap1: Life Wings

We have wings in a moment. Four wings for both of us. I ‘m not alone. I’m not alone for my whole life. I have two legs and four legs and sometime one common leg in middle with two right and left legs. Even we cannot see each other, we feel each. We shared recognition among centuries of human civilization. Sometime we feel empathy for the people suggesting unrealistic names for us. We feel more empathy for whom suggesting our creation has to be special reasons for nature. He, nature given us time. Limited one for both me and her. We cannot question decision of us. Even we do, impossible to find an exact answer for our creation. We live life until the last moment of each other by knowing these facts. Our sorrow, our pain isn’t visible to you. You won’t feel it. We knew it, but we will dance for you.

Wait for a moment.

They are waiting for us. Who?  They are waiting for two of us to step into stage. Anuri Mathagawera you and Manuri Mathagawera me. I see the large crowd through left corner of the curtain. Anuri can you see the crowd?

Large space

Large eyes

You will see all unknown visitors kissed, hugged and invite to take pictures at the end of the concert. Then we will pose pictures with them.

We will sprint in all strength to start dancing and singing not to the fear of someone else taking over us, but because it can grant us life, even for a moment. We want to live that moment.

You will dress resplendent in sarees , jeans, frocks and many expensive clothing and fashions with makeup. We are ready to serve you my friends.

We feel hopeful when golden sun prone to dark corner inviting gleaming stars to blossom, then crickets starts playing their romantic songs. It’s time for us to fly. We both can fly together.

“People came here not to see your circus like dancing. Please stay at home.” Mother’s tormented voice had elements of sorrow. Her sister Nalini thinks more differently. She wanted us to continue.

“Ladies and gentlemen’s let me invite two sister, this is our two fabulous angels Anuri Mathagawera and Manuri Mathagawera” the deep voice of compere suffuse the audience with a sudden glow of happiness. Nalini always had unhappy concerns over the heavy price she had to pay for that voice. She should understand price decision taken by compere. It has a high price.

“He can tell everything, but we had to dance” Nalini whispering for own. She forgets it’s not Nalini dancing. It’s us dancing. Both Anuri and Me

“May triple gem bless you” Nalini blessed both of us.

Our makeup artist “Suharsha” make the final minute touch up on our faces just like painting. Then he holds mirror to see our painted faces.  It’s the time. Time to entertain people pay for us, who awaits our arrival. They all roaring. Anuri signals me. It’s the time to fly. We had to enter stage from same corner.

We both stand behind light, give a bow to the roaring audience. It’s a feeling as you first walked. Our assistant hand over music instrument sitar. Moment I started playing imagining angels awaiting listen to us. Few minutes I can only hear tone of the instrument. A feeling of you standing on highest point of a mountain underneath vast green valley. It’s a feeling of flying together in this momentous blue sky. When flowers blossom, when audience feel the music we have a slight chance to feel living again.

The task of separating conjoin twins can be complicated as well as simple. Success rate of a surgery entirely depends on internal organs shared by each twin. In most case’s separation surgery may lead to death for one or may be to both. If only one going to die, Is Anuri thinking separation should be done? Am I thinking we should take a chance on surgery?

We are conjoin twins by head which cannot separated according to medical evidence. Then why should we bother for above question? I saw audience inquisitively looking at us, Anuri’s singing and my playing seems something.

Auditorium silent as large eyes looking at twins performing. Are they looking at conjoin twins? Are they listing to our songs? Are they listing to sitar? Some came here paying addition price for tickets. Nalini thinks they wanted to give us more value.

The applause came out from audience feel like competition. I can see some standing on their feet and clapping with glow of happiness in their smile. We make a bow to audience with our conjoin heads. They are still smiling.


4 thoughts on “Translation “Atha Atha Nara” Sinhala Novel -Chapter 1

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  2. Malintha Rathnaweera says:

    This is a great effort Buddi , I really love your writing. Short , easy to read. I see signs of good novelist in you.
    Keep it up. You can vivid calmness needed foe good writer. Keep writing

    Waiting for possible novel from you.

  3. sanjana pet says:

    I can’t read sinhala.after I read this, Wish I can. This increase my appetite to learn my mother language.

  4. […] to English for the first time in September, purely to the fascination I had after reading “Atha Atha Nara”, which is one of the best I have read in Sinhalaese for past couple of years. Apart from  that , I […]

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