It was Friday. I was heading back home after work.  Exhausted, just like tormented dude pissed off after having heavy dose weed joints. It was that much bad,   I can’t exactly points what made me hectic or agonized. Is it  too much work or less work? Credit cards? Bank loans? Lost love?  my inner peace gradually devouring  from the beginning of week and  culmination of all  tormented suddenly proclaimed on a Friday afternoon as a laureate.

I had one solid question. How can I bring  life back to me?  Will Drinking “old reserved Arrack” or calling my old girlfriend help me to bring peace.  Will there be enough money on my bank account to harmonize a hurricane like emotions ?

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In my right slow ripples of Indian Ocean condescendingly hide all  mysteries and beauty of infidelity relationships of men and woman traveling in this rusty train for years. Their unknown love stories will forever be unknown to their legal ones.  Is there a space in this deep ocean water for me to hide my long gone love story? Why her memory still troubling me. My attempt to kill those memories will mark as failed serial killer attempts.  I was failed killer for long years. Maybe I should  get help from a female inspector   ?  Maybe offer a contract to cute girl to deliver expectations.

As usual I whipped my eyes looking at unknown space through the window. Gloomy vast water surface remain silence as it wants to tease my inner peace.  After few minutes I saw a lady entering compartment carrying a two or three year old kid. She is a beggar searching for few more bucks from passengers traveling. Her thin pale appealing voice momentously starts to question my worries. When poor meets extremely poor, poor suddenly feel rich.  Ego has nine cat lives.  Am I having one now?

I had financial worries and she seems to have same in a different level. Her situation, A meal for dinner, place for sleep seems far painful than loss off a love or debits. Her little baby slowly makes slight noises. Ohh.. That kid was breathing. Still living.  Surviving in this shade place where devil propagate money by leading to an angels. Angels pay interest to live while devil built emperors.  That kid relentlessly hug mother seeking something not there with her.  It’s evident that Kid will dry out every inch of energy this mother has and she generously offer every single thing to the kid.

Love of a mother transcends boundless energy to a child.  Every one of us suffers different levels for missing emotional energy required for satisfaction. We often blame next girlfriends or boyfriends for the things did by previous ones. We hurt ourselves for missing someone mostly wanted. This woman missed her husband. Kid needs a father. Its amazing how worry comes uniquely to everyone’s life like a ghost you never know how bad or good it is. you only know worries keep troubling you from different faces.

The Indian ocean keeps all the worries and slowly sings never ending song.

May be this is only the start ….

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3 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Kasun says:

    Good post mate ! keep it up

  2. Very well written post.

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