Fear is a Sleeping Giant

Fearful situation is a common paradox right beneath your feet. It can ruin a very good morning or resplendent good night while sipping breakfast tea or dinner beer glasses. May be it can be a blessed transformation you wished for long gone years.

Fear may let butterfly’s shuffle inside your tummy and ignite edgy emotions of nervousness.  This is an extremely powerful drive within your inner sense which either can embrace your strength to riddle upwards to kiss an angel or solid down ward to kiss a demon in bottom.  Fear unleashed your strength or weakness in a most ruthless manner to achieve success or failure depends on your capability to handle fear tacitly and wisely.

For many, fear is often an extraordinary discomfort zone. It does made even the wise old man to feel like troubled teenagers just like moment before ask a girl for date.

The most feared emotion “The fear of rejection” is a sleeping giant inspire people to reach out for acceptance no matter how hard or difficult the task.  The fear of rejection is undoubtedly one of the greatest unrecorded power sources behind empires, warriors, rulers, artists, musicians, magicians to achieve extraordinary. It said fear made common people extraordinary  ,  fought battles like veterans ,  dream like artists , it fired heavy rockets to the moon  , fuel tankers  to move though rusty oceans,  nations to build walls  and rebels to shatter off walls.

fear-quote copy

Fear is one reason for survival. It’s the same reason for new born to stand on feet like a man and a grown man to cry like babies .

Ironically most people get confused when you caught up with fear; it’s not the end of the world.  It’s an ignition process happening your body to boost your strength physically and mentally prepare to a challenge.  When you are in trouble, accept it and avoid wasting time on tormenting.   Just feel   comfortable about fear, let your energy to take on it.

Think and practice to feel comfortable against fear systematically. Once you are comfortable with your fear, your emotional energy mode will transform your body to a state that can tackle any mind-blowing challenges.

Just started to get comfortable with your fear. It’s an unknown power source.


“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt



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