Hello Friends,

I warmly welcome you all to my blog: Rice and Curry Life!!!

This blog has collection of creative writing amid backdrop of a paradise home called, Sri Lanka. A country gifted with happy people and poverty. This blog written to serve natural observer mimicking thinking style of ordinary Sri Lankans.  I write both ugliness and serene of my country, people, food and Arrack.

This blog generally contain real experience of me or my friends with added spices.  Ironically Cricket, Arrack, Life, Emotions and Positive Energy are common topics.

If you bust up with some posts. Let me drop a mail or comment. Sometimes I create realistic lies to look authentic. If a particulate incident touches my heart, there is a high chance that incident become a post.

This is my mail: budditharanga@gmail.com

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Kasun Vidanage says:

    The best description “Horoscope made me single. Passionate being best men and enjoyed bridesmaid dancing with nasty guys richer than me.No body taught me reserving your love for special someone is called “Old Reserved Araack”

  2. Kasun Vidanage says:

    😀 your description is a deception between truth and lie 🙂 even you would not able to separate 🙂

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