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The Coconut Tree

There is an old coconut tree in front of my grandfather’s home at Kaluthara ( Coastal city in Sri Lanka) . The tree was there for generations. I still can remember my grandfather looking at this tree from his nearby workshop. He was a carpenter. He chop, cut, shape timber into to beautiful wooden furniture’s and objects. He was a man with principals. He made his living by offering these beautiful furniture’s to daughters of rich fathers in our village. Who often had to buy these expensive furniture’s as dowry.  Sometime my grandfather offered his service free of charge to someone who can’t afford dowry. He said at the end only goodness remain. I remember the way he firmly declined the idea of cutting that huge count tree several times even to lucrative deals. For generations I couldn’t understand him.

It isn’t only me had this issue. My father was the first one to make argument to his father.

My father argued saying that coconut tree isn’t valuable as it used to be now, which gives little coconuts and also the threat to home in case of tropical windy monsoon. But grandfather steady as coconut tree never hesitate to change stance.

It took monsoon to realize the true meaning of that silent giant.

Somewhere in early nineties, during early monsoon, when rain nonchalantly hitting the roof making scathing noise, when I was just five, my father was thirty five and my grandfather was sixty five, three of us sit in a row next to each other in an old floor watching rain coming down. I fascinated looking at earth bugs appearing amid wet mist and our pet dog try to catch them. I saw my father and his father looking at coconut tree. It wag to the blowing wind but never breaks. Tenacity of that giant tree kept insisting blowing force of monsoon that it is still young to break. Stubborn to gives it up for whatever reason.

I went my grandfather’s home recently after sometime. It wasn’t the older place used to be twenty three years ago. New veranda, large rooms and whole floors are tiled with resplendent attraction to call a modern home. I find it pleasant and noticed that the floor three generations of sons used to sit is still there with tiles on it.

It start again. The monsoon. Unlike the older days it comes late this time.

I sit on the tiled floor. I recall two men who sit next to me. Both are gone now. But someone else still out there fighting for life. Taking rusty blows of monsoon wind. The true mark of champion is hesitate to give up just like this old coconut tree. It keep feeding fresh energy for life.

I sit on the floor, looked at tiny rain drops. I see shadow of mine next to me. It looks exactly like my father. I know that tree still there and the reason for my grandfather and father to respect it .

It takes time to read little things and connect them to your life, real trump of living is to find this connection.

Still coconut tree wag like good old days, but it never breaks.


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Number Game of Success

Keep an eye on numbers to identify and quantitatively measure personal and professional success is a practice for long time. It does provide scaling out mechanism for two individuals to represent weight of their career achievements in term of skill, experience, wealth, credibility and probability of success. If you take a look at your career experience, it does provide one vertical of your life, but prove nothing as a whole.

Sometimes these numbers are utter lies vividly represent glimpse of your strength or weakness differently. Ironic case is salary. Dozens of working class men and woman believe pay is below and students keep looking at result sheets with frozen eyes.

Does that mean unsuccessful? Why does it happen? Why people question numbers representing ability? How often you see bright student just pass the exam and average student get over with merits.


What makes you successful? Is it numbers? Emotions? Family and relationships?  Can winning 3 billion us$ make you successful? What if all these numbers are lies built upon each lie?  What if every one of us caring profound strength beyond what’s hovering around the surface.

One common mistake we make is measure success as individuals. We human’s naturally a group animal. For many thousand years we hunted as group, strategies as groups and enjoyed success as groups. Our success has a direct connection to the group we are attached to but we keep same mistake for many generations by measuring the success by individual effort.

Numbers bring success is a common believe accumulate irrespective to the context. It is considered as ideal logical approach to represent strength. Even age, education, experience does provide facts as numbers, but doesn’t necessarily provide evidence to prove you as successful. It may well be ingredient to success. 

This post will look at three cases represent strength of teams which deflect from traditional numbering believe system.

  1. Weak- Strong Team: – People work as teams to deliver goals and expectations. If weak being part of a successful team weak probably ride on success of others until team transform to weak- weak team.  His/Her strength will propelled unrealistically, hence may enjoys undeserved benefits based on strategic moves, causes of action initiated by successful people. When you measure up an individual strength of a weak in such a case would be unrealistic.
  2. Strong-weak Team: – This is flip side of the coin. Weak team may present an extra challenge to a strength person to hold the ship together.  Most often he/ she may require demanding task/ decisions taken yet to receive poor recognition in company. If strength can deliver success, constantly it may be possible makeover to strength- strength team. This case also weak can ride on top of strength.
  3.  Strong – Strong team: – This is the ideal combination of man power for a start up companies to ripple success or older stable companies to increase market share, innovation and upheaval  results. This type of team strength is far strong than individual strength creating synergies team. Most often synergy team, individual strength may reflect above their reality. These people may enjoy above strength benefits. Once company grows up to considerable market share these teams also can transfer into weak-strong or weak- weak team. It’s essentially important to keep a strong-strong team to walk extra mile.


There are more people riding on the success of others. A person born today in Australia would enjoys better quality of life just because of strength of a country while guy born in Africa may battling out to survive.

This is a one post of several articles related to success.

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