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Purpose of Life

Simple question? What’s your purpose of life?  An Authentic, Mind-blowing question cross over minds from our existence. Ordinary and extraordinary men and woman, to analyses lengthwise and breadthwise tormenting brains at Princeton or chilling at Hawai beaches or perhaps having sex at a backseat of a Martute car amid extreme Mumbai traffic. People spent too much time searching answers to biggest retreat required for living, but still to find answers.

Perhaps you can find come close proximity to answer if you can find absolute truth behind what you see and act truthfully to what you feel; if someday extraordinary mind can measure amount of temptation while praying at churches asking salvation from god or count number of men lose dignity over emptied bottles or woman loose virginity over false temptation.

Life Purpose is to Change

I know remembering my question is a task for you all now??  Have you add reminder in your smart app.

I’m not going to give answers or make it worse.

It’s a paradox. Life purpose equation should have parameters as men + woman + god + temptation to find ultimate answers.

I know lot of extraordinary minds made deliberate effort by uploading YouTube  videos , writing exciting insight on blogs and books with heap of findings to empower and embrace people to find true purpose for their living. but badly problem continues for most.

People continue to search truth from Brothels, restaurants, music concerts, theaters, art galleries, testing labs to find answers. This, my dear friends is no difference. Here with no particular order I will make a silly attempt to scratch the surface of the matter.

To find answers I decided to ask from my friends.  Answers I got was fascinating & staggering, none of them want   ‘ to live happy’, ‘ to help others’, ‘ be better tomorrow’.  Lot of them want to ‘ marry the sexiest girl/boy in town’, ‘ earn six digits salary’, ‘ own brand new vehicle ‘. They keep chasing down a purpose, once they achieve again raise the requirements.

I asked same question from different set of people I met. These people were mostly beggars, homeless people, labors in street, people who earn and live below one dollar per day.  They seem to live in other spectrum of equation. Their answers were like ‘I need to eat everyday’, ‘new cloths ‘, ‘ good place to sleep’.

Well now it’s time for you to answer my question.

There is no correct or wrong answer. As wise old man, I expect a relatively correct answer. These answers would suit your own way of living and virtues of heart.

Have you answered as ‘be happy’?


Separating from materials can bring inner peace and happiness is a relative truth.  You can’t live without materials or satisfaction; you need lot of them to be happy in life and also lot of other physical and mental ingredients.

The daunting truth of modern man has little difference with ape’s in jungle. We seek pleasure greater than our ancestors.  Our untamed desire for materials and physical satisfactions taken us to the moon. A place where only ego can live , a place where too many people worry about pot belly’s, size of sex organs, or shape of  their body (s). We continued to praise model and six pack abs beyond all realities. We keep praising hilarious reality shows, fake athletes and dilapidated politicians to take decisions of our future.

 We missed time, quality time need to spend with families over unwanted stupidity and fake glory.

Have you remembered my question?

It’s you should decide what’s worth for you to die for. A purpose worth to define who you and what you want in life.

I know I’m not answered the question. Perhaps I ignite something inside you to think a little more, something  within you.

First Perspective

Second Perspective

Third Perspective

Ha ha pretty interesting isn’t it 🙂

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5 Things to Find Peace

Peace is a vital ingredient for healthy living.  Just like healthy food, one cannot think well, love well or sleep well unless you dine well. Once you find inner peace your body feels awesomely comfortable and elegant just like pure water.

Like everything else, one authentic question remains. How would you find calmness? It’s nothing new, you may find many blogs, books, writers spend heap of time analyzing breadth-wise and lengthwise on topic of inner peace.

I didn’t write for some time now. Today I feel relax and calm to write something about finding peace.

1. Enjoy the ride not the destination

You often deemed some situations as “wonderful” in life; like weddings, new babies, promotions, visiting friends, and vacations  make you feel good. It’s so easy to feel happy and content when these wonderful events occur in our lives. Most people want to live  moments continually , but very few realize peace cannot be achieved  in a  destination, peace can only achieved  the way you drive yourself to your destination.  Think different even amid “terrible” situations like  getting fired, having cancer or a serious illness, death, grief, financial strain, violent crimes and car accidents  to get backup and find your calm and serene .

“Don’t define yourself with situation, but look for improvements on good stuff you’re been doing. You may not achieve at once, but you will someday .  You just need work on your goodness of everything; start enjoying an ice cream amid hectic work schedule today.


2.Slow down and listen to Grasshoppers.

When your vehicle traveling too fast  you only see path. You may miss  surroundings, landscapes, smiling people and whats going around you. This happens to all of us. We all  have driven fast. We cry for the missed chances, missing holiday packages.

“You may forget  people around you. You would be amazed if you see people living  around you and how they moving with life. Take time to look at them. Start appreciating , pay deliberate attention to make changes, even tiniest ones.  Start reading a book , buy an ice cream for a kid.   Giving time to do little things in life and phase down stress.


3.Keep  regrets away / breed new ideas

People worry too much for early mistakes. most probably they cannot change outcome of it  but keep tormenting. I felt bad for mistake I did few years back, even though I couldn’t control it hurts you for long time and could not make mind to walk on.

“You can’t always choose what happens to you, but you can always choose how you feel about it and what you do about it.  You don’t have to be defined by the things you did or didn’t do in the past.  We don’t need to let ourselves to control by regret.  Maybe you could have done better or maybe not.  Either way, it’s merely history now.


4.Find right Unit of Measure

People have measurements to weight love, attention, pride, wealth and success on their own. But most us compare our life excessive with someone else. stop doing that. third parties have no idea of your journey. This is one of the barest mistakes we did to ruin our inner peace. Always find your own unit of measure to calculate your life, don’t use other peoples measurements for your life. Be creative and start looking at new ways to find peace and happiness.


5. Do meditate

Meditation is not only for Buddhist seeking enlightenment. It’s for anyone who seeks peace and calmness inside. The basic goal of meditation is to focus and giving attention to your mind. Once you find awareness and inner calm within yourself it may come as a surprise to learn that you can meditate anywhere and at any time, allowing yourself to access a sense of tranquility and peace no matter what’s going on around you.


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