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Path of Happiness

Hope keep you up for most of the time , but same hope can bring you down if  it  misdirect your anticipation to most unexpected outcome . Once it do , agony,pain, emotions trigger your tormented mode of heart and possibly ignite sleepless nights.  This   vicious pronomina can last a second , few hours, a day or two , or even a week , or may be years. This is particularly common among people experience meltdown relationships, family disparities, bad debits/financial issue, lack of social acceptance, or due to restricted self mandate to cope  with personal and social issues in daily life.

How people survive amid shattered hopes ?  how each segment of society face the challenge.

Its amazing when some argue saying  hopeless can actually tear-off dissatisfaction and other side of the coin suggest hope actually keep you happy.Who is right ?  For both type there are solid questions to be ask   ‘ Is worry less life hopeless  ? ‘ or ‘Is hopeful life happy ” . This question docent have a correct or incorrect answer. It has a relatively true or false answer depending on situations and experience of the individual which is commonly  accurate for most people like you and me.

but there are  socially powerful people in politics or business , for them this question would be irrelevant as misdirection of hope can bring them unexpected satisfaction in their careers, money, business and life . How they do it ? most of these people have power to turn an un-expectations to opportunity. which may bring unexpected results or damage. But still they take as positive. but power come’s with a price as recent research suggested how powerful people less care about whom are below their level,  even they less care about their families, social relationships and social responsibility.  Path of happiness of power sometime ends up in a disaster, even more worse than a below average social individual. It is not the way you portrait yourself to the world its how you manage your own life.

Its rare to find people who carries good heart as well as power.  Like the concept of  describing individual personality by colors black- worried , white – happy ,  gray – happy /unhappy . People look gray, mix of black and white just like the mix of hope and hopeless.

Within the same blur path of life , there are few concentrate on ‘middle way ‘ living.  An un bound living , where you  didn’t attached to either happy or sadness. The true meaning and calmness of life entirely depended on how you are able to understand you  and your mind.  Hope or  hopeless will not help at all. You need to find the right recipe for that.

Finding that peace isn’t the easiest. We  naturally divine our lives by hope and desire to satisfy. We drive goals and strategies physically to satisfy our mind. When you think a bit ,  your body is slave to your  mind. Continue process of breading  seeds of action to satisfy your body become sole purpose of living.   Our  system  of hope and hopelessness become cycle of happiness and sadness mentally as well as physically.

Finding ultimate truth and direction of living  will remain  a solid question to for  many generations.

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(c) Buddi Mathararachchi

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A Fathers Love

I saw him few months back in a homecoming party amid dazzling friends circled a woody oak table with a lavish Red Label whiskey almighty teasing us from the center. The first thing I saw was dead sharp eyes of  a man in his mid-thirties focusing on a digital camera to capture his little kid next to him. The angel produced a grand stand picture of a Father and son separate through an expensive whiskey bottle.  It was artistic . The interlaces  authentic view would pleasing than Thisara Perara hammering Robin Peterson nonchalantly over long on during a lost dead game in  Kandy. Pointless beauty vs rational beauty.  My mind spark from a picture of Whiskey  separating father and son.

It is hard to say whiskey separate Father and son or does the opposite. The illusionist picture would be solid authentic arguable material  like  an Indian actress Sherlyn Chopra Playboy appearance. It was hard to think she agreed to appear Playboy with no wardrobe and fire to the fuel by publicly praising youthfulness, energetic , freshness of Playboy girls. It made most Indians flattered as they struggle to digest fast food item bought from Texas highway. Will there be Indian woman wearing only cowboy hat in a front cover page to  spark youthfulness ?  For conventional South Asian this would be a dream which seems happening daylight for  Americans.  For me wearing nothing and earning six digits perk is staggeringly arguable than Aladdin lamp Ghost  in Arabian Nights.  Who cares? May be I should not argue how economy affects brain cells, its  a matter for scientists .

My heart says go and speak to the gentlemen sitting next to us. But I couldn’t buy my instinct without opening the whiskey. The sweat smell of golden liquid distilled from fermented grains mash is far more appealing. Solid material to do a case study on craving vs wisdom when selecting right thing for a man. Finally alcoholic beverage served with ice cube, soda and slices of green apple. It would be just like Legend  Winston Churchill’s sipping Red Label mix with Soda just before taking mission critical decisions some where Britain , then it was matted for Great Britain , now  it was matter to understand illusionist picture.  Even though second one looks horrible reason. I took the first drink looking at the father sitting next table. I’m ready to talk now.

 I walked up to the father and start a friendly conversation to serve my  inquisitiveness.  The father seems very humble , probably working class from government sector.He speaks slowly , tightly. Every word he speak seems  match  his dress and even with his hair cut. Finally I was able to get his name, He introduced him self as “Justin”, a cleaning labor for a Colombo cleaning office. Suddenly little fellow (kid) started speaking in English. I puzzled.  A kid speaking English is nothing  for Colombo suburb, but it was for a son of cleaning office labor. Unless you born with extraordinary skill and luck to beat the shackle, this Kid would be rare as Gem. In fact Kid was a Gem ,  Justin’s wife “seetha” working in Italy as housewife while Justin taking care of the kid. Justin want his son to taught in  best international school in country.  Its even amazing when you know Justin working every day cleaning floors of blue chip companies, while his son playing with children of those company CEO’s. The courage of this father is unmatched for anything.  Humble smile he carries throughout the conversation was simply beautiful and heartwarming.  If you can summed up disparity between Soda and Whiskey or love and anger and mix both you find Justin‘s face. It was filled with life. If challenges, Faith , love, determination mixed in a  “kottu Rotti ” Justin would be the ideal  fine dish recipe that all Colombo restaurant are looking for.  It was worth conversation to have. Some people live harsh lives to make their kids live in comfort.  Undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary people I ever met in my life.

I returned to my seat, I still can see half served Red Label front with father and son laughing out for something. Unlike previous arguable picture, I see something brazen. a limitless love of a father to a little kid through the golden liquid of Red Label whiskey is artistic, realistic. Sometime whiskey is liquid sunshine , rays of energy to live life.

Justin working every day cleaning floors of blue chip companies, while his son having company of children of those CEO’s.

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