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It’s not cricket’

I know for a fact that guy with no cricket background would question the need of wasting time looking at eleven men running around a ground for no reason , two men in the middle with protective wardrobe and two gentlemen with clean shirts and cowboy hats standing either side of twenty two yard wicket monitoring game rules.

Question may get even more complicated, once they saw batsman start to hit a ball release by men with weird round arm actions. Some weird arms can release fast and some can spin the slow ball miraculously. Once in a while two gentlemen with cowboy hats would point fingers to batsman and ask them to leave.

Commentators would shout willow meeting ball as music, batters clearing rope as “boom” or batters clearing on the ground as “crispy”. Its arguable the reasons for two innings played over 3 hours to five days depending on format test, one day or T20 or may be why cricket  reverie last  generations on and off the cricket field .

After ten outs, the team score more runs wins unless rain blocks the match making complex match to intervene  called “Duckworth- Lewis” .

I tried my best to describe cricket.  If my cricket picture seems weird as case of MH-370, yes you have done 101 on learning ‘Cricket’. It’s weird and beautiful just like every one of us. Just like you have fallen love for the first time. This game has something which go beyond , it can surely unite hated, race, color, gender or shattered walls separate nations or individuals.

You should try to grasp the space between ball meeting willow as important as Russian  Revanchism on Cremia or United States  drones hovering around Pakistan border.  You should accept British inventions are complex, unlike American sports where ‘spirit of the cricket’ deviate game rules in some gentlemen cases. You need to quote saying ‘it’s not cricket’ in such instance.


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Everyone pretend they know Duckworth- Lewis but nobody really understand how it works, just like teenager sex. It is difficult to convince non cricket fan,  Duckworth- Lewis aren’t  drunken individuals came late to a party  .


I feel you should take away series mind blocks to be a cricket fan.  First, you should accept there is no shame to snore as much as you want looking at 11 men burning calories via  beer on a sunny hot day.


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