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That Sunday

What made old uncle’s to spent six hours drinking Mendis Special (Hard Liquor Brand in Sri Lanka) watching t20 world cup cricket highlights of India chasing South African second inning score like cake walking  analyzing  lengthwise drafting  strategies  on how to get modern batting hero Virath kohli out in their own parallel universe in a doggy restaurants has one egregious reason. A reason  that erupt firecrackers in Galle face green.  A reason  made policemen to watch insanity of young men waving Sri Lankan flag disturbing commuters. A reason made people to dance few minutes with complete strangers by stopping car middle of road bumper.   A  reason for a tiny  nation to stand on their feet nervously watching  Thissara Perera hopping down to a  delivery pitching outside off stump. A reason to believe  a fairy tale ending to career of two pilarstone gentlemen in Sri Lanka cricket. A reason for same old farts to drink again and start dancing with tipsy young men in Galle face green to papare grooves. It all has one reason on that Sunday.

India v Sri Lanka - ICC World Twenty20 Bangladesh 2014 Final

This time for Sri Lanka- World T20 Champions

A country married with heap of untapped talents and uncanny ability to squander, finally found authentic reason to cheer. A game played & celebrated everywhere from paddy fields to apartments  like personal milestone or like liquid sunshine to spark our blood to embrace true meaning of unity and team work.


Crowd watching T2o world cup final on  giant screen at Galle face green catch mili seconds silence as Thissara Pereea’s come down the track , people inhale without breathing out until the flying ball cross over long on rope. It was split second silence before blow out hurricane roar to get the party kicked off . From that moment roaring fans ,dancing youth, waving flags rule Colombo roads making traffic havoc. People at home gather around televisions started roaring even more hard looking at men from Sri Lanka  sprinting to the middle of Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur , Bangaladesh  to hug two warriors  Kumar Sangakara & Thisara Pereara with tears in their eyes.



Thissara Perera punching wining runs to R Ashvin

In Sri Lanka, cricket is cause for happiness & pride.  Its been 18 years since Sri Lanka pull off a miraculous win over hot favorite Australians having played as underdogs. From that day  Sri Lanka cricket transform from minnow to formidable cricketing unit. But we wasn’t able to be champions even though  consistently reaching to finals without much success.

That Sunday celebration is  opted for us long 18 years after 1996. 4 final defeats. Countless practice sessions. Infinity Mendis special bottles, thinking & arguing on strategies, comparing averages all around Sri Lanka

Soon people start parting just like the day ended ruthless war.  A country married with heap of untapped talents and uncanny ability to squander, finally found authentic reason to cheer. A game played & celebrated everywhere from paddy fields to apartments  like personal milestone or like liquid sunshine to spark our blood to embrace true meaning of unity and team work.


Grand Welcome in Colombo

The feeling of being a champion is by far the greatest trump sports fans can ever expect. Sports can tear off walls which separate people based on color, ethnicity, culture, religion by transcending true meaning of love human spirit without boundaries.

Cricket may not feed our hungry children or end corruption in Sri Lanka. But it will heal wounded hearts of 20 milling Sri Lankans around the world by terrorism, tsunami, religion, and race to stand up like one nation.

That Sunday would be forever remembered as night to cheer like champions.


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Golden Girls of Summer Olympics 2012

Sri Lanka  was depending on miracles  and pure luck to avoid humiliation instead of hard work  during Olympics 2012 ? 

London Summer Olympic 2012 was the significant  for woman from many reasons. It was for the first time females compete in a boxing  game and brave ladies from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Brunei permitted track & field events. For the first time every eligible country sent at least single female athlete .  Despite Sri Lanka’s failure to impact  on  field , working class women from rural village of  Horena drives united states woman’s 4×100 relay team to strive in sparking fashion after 17 years on 10th August 2012 Friday night.

This is the story of Sri Lanka . A nation gifted with many talents and uncanny ability to squander them.

Olympic Vs Sri Lankans 

We were far away from winning a medal continually for the 10th conservative year. It was year 2000, when Susanthika Jayasingha  a typical village girl runs along  Merian Jhons 200 metes , she place third with  bronze and latter promote to  silver due to drug conviction case of Marian Jhones . From one perspective 10th year is much better than fifty .  I’t  took  fifty years for Susanthika to break shackle of medals  after 1947,Dunken White. In 2000 she became the first Sri Lankan and only woman to win a medal.  As usual here after many Sri Lankans see Olympic as less  important topic . May be nation prefer  luck to override hard work which will never happens on field of Olympics.

For some reason our DNA didnt present world  class over fifty years apart exceptions likes of Susanthika and White. Hence no body seems serious . It has right reasons, we don’t have  anyone to believe.

Some say Sri Lankans were ignorant , failed nation , they further add inability to win  as an accurate fact. I have a question for them , Isn’t it privilege  to see  male athlete carrying Sri Lankan flag after ten years in 2012 London Olympics ?   Perhaps I may be wrong. Our achievement was  made sports writers busy during summer games , more work, facts to analyse lengthwise and breadth wise to fill newspaper columns, marketing research companies to earn  plenty by doing research.  May be our achievement can put to a charts and tables show nicely on a power point presentation zero total in a nice info graphic.

When you think a bit,  some critics were actually right , Its  true, 28 % of our athletes go through help of wild card. Some considered our team as luckiest and other’s argued as unluckiest. Despite all turmoil going on , two of our responsible media companies gain public attention from Olympic games towards mud sweating garbage campaign to secure broadcast rights in Sri Lanka. Both were throwing mud in  mega size posters and banners. It was amazing as our public actually starts to think Olympics actually happening on Colombo 07 and Rathmalana between Government Rupavahini  Vs Private Maharaja corporations.

Wild Card : Christine Merrill 

Lot of Sri Lankans and internet people start Googling as she was considered as hot cookie

Among two wild card entries, one  was Christine Merrill a mechanical engineering degree student, born to Sri Lankan parents from San Diego California working full time for San Diego’s Solar turbine in the customer design division, adapting massive gas turbine engines to function in remote locales and climates, be it torrid deserts or Canadian tundra. Lot of Sri Lankans and internet  start Googling as she looks like a hot cookie for many.  There are people wants to see beauty competition show off  in Olympics? But Merrill wish was granted like some ghost in Aladdin lamp.  Her luck and talent reserved free tickets to London.

Hooray for Cooray!

In one other corner brave Sri Lankan Bakery worker living in Buckinghamshire by the name of Anuradha Cooray runs along the streets every day ten miles to work making sandwiches and baking savoury pastries in Greggs food. When he runs London Olympics to get qualified among 37,000 participants, he was placed 23rd in 2 hours 17 minutes and 53 seconds to represent Sri Lanka. People start commenting saying “Greggs all the way…..best chicken bake and sausage rolls by far, “Hooray for Cooray!” and his employee named a pastry by his name as an honor.  I feel disappointed when primary English school kids eating “cooray”  pastries while Sri Lanka media fight hard for television rights.  Sri Lanka is starving.

Greggs all the way…..best chicken bake and sausage rolls by far

It was 4X100 Woman’s Relay Event

Then there is a Factory in Horana , about 100 km away from Colombo working hard for the glory of Olympics.

When Carmelita Jeter ran the anchor leg clean passes with sparking finish to won gold in a world record 40.82 seconds, shattering the old mark of 41.37 after 27 years. She turned to her left and pointed a finger at the electronic clock beside the track as if to say, “Look at what we just did.” A beat later, the board flashed Jeter’s news in bold type: NEW WR.  She capped a blistering race for the United States team, which won its first gold medal in the event in 16 years and did it in emphatic fashion.

Nobody notices they were wearing body suit with a Golf Ball design manufactured in a MAS factory Bodyline Horana in Sri Lanka. When Nike sent one of Advanced Innovation Team member, a  former NASA space engineer to Bodyline factory to see a technology pioneered by MAS he realized the same can be used for athletes. He went to Nike and came back with a particular product design which reduces drag and can be used by athletes. They have tested design with 350 other designs and come up with golf ball design which reduce the speed of an athlete by 2-4 % by reducing the drag and aerodynamics, the difference between gold and silver. For the first time Nike came to Sri Lanka for a product they always made in Headquaters in US to Horena, Sri lanka.

Girls sweat days to get kit ready for Olympics. They were eating “coconut” roti () while US woman’s  sprinted for gold on Friday night 10th August 2012. These girls remain  silent and shared a little smile on their faces when they saw US girls crown  in Gold.

Will there be a day for Sri Lanka to crunch gold? There is always hope  for sure  when you see the golden smiles of these girls. They were unknown champions made legs for champions.

They were golden girls

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