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BMW vs Bicycle

Old Uncle rigging his bicycle bell nonchalantly to a BMW car amid hassling traffic at Kollpity junction remind me Nelson Mandela.  Isn’t his old irritated face resembles ordinary man’s extraordinary effort to freedom. Isn’t this old fart sparks intimidation for justice? I can see his fearless eyes… Undying strength in his arms, rays of energy on his body and signs of wisdom.


It said nothing inspire more than having seen lack of fear to conquer injustice.

BMW vs bicycle?

Unthinkable comparison. No it can be compared if you take off your glass.

I still think many young people live today would not believe that a person called Nelson Mandella live  long 27 years in a prison for the goodness of common people. Its authentic question for our generation. Can anyone live dreaming freedom for that long?

Why anybody would want to spent best days of his young life in a cell?  Our stance, emotions,   thought process inline to fast food model. Most of us raised up amid dilapidated ego, selfishness, ignorance and untamed desire for satisfaction. We were prisoners to world of consumer myths and what propelled as happiness. It makes sense for most of us if we count number of friday night parties or football matches we missed for long 27 years. My friends if you feel it, yes its solid evidence that ignorant ingredients of your mind provide meals for you to serve every day.

I’m unable to think why this BMW takes over entire road blocking tiny man’s space intentionally. Why does a person keep earning ignorance day by day just like Wall Street money makers?   Only value they count is probability of making money.

I still can see uncle fearlessly ringing his bell like a gladiator refuse to give up. His bold forehead glitters to dyeing sunlight coming from West Indian Ocean.

Can little man like him shake mountains?  Can his Bicycle fight against BMW? Can mechanical power overtake human strength? Can he put a stop to unending ignorance and to open eyes to love and equal rights?

Nelson Mandela is undoubtable a true hero stand up for people against every odd.  The fearless bravery of Mandela provides solid inspiration to every single one of us live today.

We need people like mandala to stand up for equality for poor people. Change the ignorance fate to see beyond what you see and effort to change everyone for better tomorrow.

It’s a resentful truth people die for ignorance more than bullets fired. Every single bullet fires to thin air may have ignorant pair of hands and heart behind it.

There is a rebel lives amid little things. We need to open our eyes to these tiny little things.

Uncle shall I join you ringing bell to BMW. You should also have space in this road.

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